About Us

Emploi's philosophy is to create a single sourcing point for players, with enough tools to help them find each other.

At the core of our systems is a vacancy – job seeker matching engine powered by algorithms for job seeker assessment and ranking together with advanced recruitment process management tools.

One of the most interesting puzzles about the East African job market is the time it takes for an employer to fill a position, given the high unemployment rates in the region. In a mission to understand the puzzle and go beyond the easier narrative of “unemployable graduates”, we discovered the unintended reason behind the inability of employers and job seekers to find each other as quickly, efficiently and as affordably as possible.

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Our Services

Advertise Jobs

Reach an audience of over 100,000 people through our network

Browse CVs

View profiles of candidates and shortlist quicker.

Premium Recruitment

Let us handle your recruitment process and save time, money

HR Services

Outsource HR services to us and we'll manage your organization professionally

Candidate Vetting

We perform IQ, Competency and Background checks on candidates

Upload CV

Job Seekers upload CVs for quick job placements

CV Editing

We edit job seekers' CVs while taking their industry into consideration

CV Templates

We provide free templates and suggestions for updating your CVs

Exclusive Placement

Includes CV editing, interview coaching, and boost in search results as well as recommendation to employers