Emploi 2.0 Launch; Letter from the C.E.O.

Sophy Mwale | 27th November 2020

Career Development
Emploi 2.0 Launch; Letter from the C.E.O.

Emploi 2.0 Launch; Letter from the C.E.O.

Sophy Mwale | 27th November 2020

Career Development

We can all agree that this has been a taxing year. The work industry has been one of the most impacted the world over, with companies struggling to maintain operations amidst health scares, lockdowns and the resultant economic slowdowns and cash crunch. Jobseekers have also bore the brunt of it through layoffs, stressful work from home arrangements for the lucky ones, and pay-cuts.


At the beginning of the pandemic, we at Emploi were as panicked as everyone else, until we realized that given the critical role we hold in supporting the work industry, we needed to sober up and offer our support at a time when it was most obviously needed.


Our initial plan of action was to figure out how best to help people cope with the world falling around us. We created what we called the Information Series. In this initiative, we first launched an information page to track the progress of COVID-19, provide balanced information on it and provide insights and interpretation on its effect on the work environment to the best of our ability. We also launched a series of webinars to discuss critical areas with jobseekers, and at times connect them to expert voices on various topics.


What started with panic ended up instilling a sense of shame in us as Emploi as our interactions with jobseekers through the Information Series advanced. We realized that a majority of jobseekers were struggling with basic challenges in sustaining their jobs, or job market re-integration; challenges that would have been way less urgent and pronounced if as a job market facilitator, we had done the right thing for our audiences earlier on, instead of drifting into this sense of lull that engulfs peaceful times. We take pride in our cutting-edge innovation which has always kept us a step ahead of job market players by ensuring we release intuitive, robust solutions that are specially tailored for our unique African landscape. Turns out, we have always been doing just half the job.


No establishment has ever succeeded by failing to address the needs of half of its audiences. Interacting with jobseekers this year opened us up to the diverse needs of job seekers, those deeper than just finding a job listing and applying to it. Jobseekers, including mid-level to senior management level, need to be supported in job preparation just as well as anyone else. A job search starts with a solid sense of professional awareness. As a professional, what can you offer? Who can you offer it to? Are you communicating all these to the people who need to hear it? Sometimes, this matrix is a lot harder to define with younger professionals lacking a professional track to build their matrix on, and older professionals having too much to effectively target opportunities. It took a pandemic with adverse effects on the employment space for both jobseekers and job enablers like ourselves to realize how stark these needs are.


It is as a result of this that Emploi ended up spending hundreds of hours in research, brainstorming and experimentation to come up with solutions to the above challenges. It wasn’t just enough to build solutions, we needed to ensure the solutions could be scaled to serve the millions of people in Africa’s workforce.


Ladies and gentlemen, today we launch Emploi 2.0, a culmination of the struggles, empathy, solution hunt and finally light bulb moments of 2020. Emploi 2.0’S main purpose is to provide jobseekers with your own personalized, intuitive, readily available career management bouquet to help you understand and align your job search matrix, i.e. you own understanding of yourself as a professional, what you can offer, whom you can offer it to and how you communicate all this either with your application documentation or interview performance.


Some of the tools launched today include a self-assessment module for personal capability understanding, through aptitude and psychometric tests; an AI powered automated CV review system to understand whether your CV aligns with your desired opportunities, a fresh new homepage for your effortless navigation and automatic recommendation of vacancies that align to your strengths.


For employers, Emploi 2.0 comes with a management engine structured to manage post hire performance through tools for task assignment and management, performance measurement tools and general HR administration. Cognizant of the workforce challenges of today that are redefining work arrangements, these tools have been designed with flexibility demands in mind thus suited for management of diverse workforce arrangements including full-time, part-time and even remote staff.


We are looking forward to your feedback on these tools, and helping us learn better and serve you better.


As I sign off, I   would like to leave you with one of our best quotes:

Yours Faithfully,

Sophy Mwale.

CEO- Emploi.

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