Why Companies Should Seek Outplacement Services

Derrick Omollo | 29th June 2020

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Why Companies Should Seek Outplacement Services

Why Companies Should Seek Outplacement Services

Derrick Omollo | 29th June 2020

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Outplacement support is when an HR department hires a firm that specializes in transitioning employees out of the organization. This involves a HR department making use of a third-party provider to help them navigate downsizing events. Outplacement is used to find exiting staff members new roles in outside organizations, minimizing the negative impact that layoffs can have on businesses. These transitions - usually layoffs, voluntary exits or other reductions in force (RIF) - can be troubling times for HR departments, especially if they want to protect their employer brand while also making sure the ‘survivors’ - those who remain after the round of layoffs - feel secure. To help with this, outplacement firms work with exiting employees to make sure they can find new, meaningful work in other markets or companies.


To cope with the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more organizations are resorting to worker reduction as a key cost management and survival strategy. As organizations focus on reducing head count, how and why it happens could determine it’s future performance. Lay-offs, even voluntary ones, are generally, psychologically traumatizing to employees, including those that remain, and often accompanied by bad publicity and potential for litigation.


Outplacement is now widely recognized as an integral part of the employee lifecycle, ensuring that employees leaving the organization feel supported as they move onto the next phase of their career as brand advocates for the employer. When done well, outplacement support has the ability to impact organizational performance, create employment, generate wealth and ultimately change lives.



  1. Employer Brand Protection - Brand reputation can be damaged if change processes is mismanaged.
  2. Employee Engagement - Change impact from layoffs is felt by both the affected and remaining teams.
  3. Minimize Litigation - Giving departing employees the opportunity to focus on positive next steps ensures they feel supported hence less likely to seek redress against the organization
  4. Effective Change Management - Delivering highly effective support to employees can help manage a smooth transition through consultation periods and beyond.



The modern job market is more competitive, fast paced and complex than ever. To navigate the ever-evolving environment, employees need outplacement support that is more responsive, timely and personalized.

Areas of concern include:

§ Establishing career priorities and assessing their options

§ Developing their own personal career plan

§ Revitalizing their personal brand

§ Networking their way to success

§ Preparing for self-employment, interim or portfolio careers

§ Mastering the art of modern job searching

§ Creating great CVs that get them noticed

§ Transforming their interview performance

§ Harnessing the power of LinkedIn

§ Preparing for retirement of the ‘Third age’ of their careers

§ Combating the mental and emotional toll of a job loss.

Delivered through a combination of individual sessions or group workshops, our outplacement package for career development includes:

1. Professional discovery

2. In-depth career advisory

3. Career profile to Opportunity mapping

4. Job Preparedness

  • Fine-tuning of application tools, pitches, presentations and outreach messaging
  • Coaching(2 sessions) on the best interviewing techniques- 100% success rate to date
  1. Vacancy hunting
  2. Post placement follow-up and support
  3. CV review & Editing
  4. Updating of LinkedIn profile
  5. Free Jobseeker Account on our job platform
  6. A Featured jobseeker tag for 3 months on the website to appear on all searches lists
  7. Business Start-up Toolkit and Manuals
  8. Workshops: A series of workshops delivered by our award winning team. Workshop topics include: Effective CVs and Cover Letters, Successful Online Job Searching, Accessing the Hidden Job Market, and All You Need to Know About Interviews


To request for the service email us at info@emploi.co or call us at 0702 068 282.

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