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Our client manufactures, market and service quality cleaning products in the industrial and institutional market, making them a 'Total Cleaning Solutions' provider.

Reporting to: Managing Director                                                                                                  

Job Purpose: Undertaking a wide range of accountancy duties to improve efficiency and maximize the profitability of the company. Key-in daily worksheets to the general ledger system, ensure files are complete and maintained as needed, handle accounts payable duties. Perform overviews of the financial operations of the business in order to help it run efficiently.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Examine statements to ensure accuracy, including ensuring that statements and records comply with laws and regulations
  2. Compute taxes owed, prepare tax returns, and prompt tax remittance to ensure compliance with taxation legislation.
  3. Research, track, and resolve accounting problems, including inspecting account books and accounting systems to keep up to date
  4. Assist in Improving business efficiency where the money is concerned
  5. Make best-practices recommendations to management
  6. Suggest ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues and improve profits
  7. Provide auditing services for the business (both internal & external);
  8. Analyzing and investigating annual and monthly financial accounts;
  9. Undertaking financial administration;
  10. Preparing reports, budgets, business plans, commentaries and financial statements, including organizing and maintaining all financial records;
  11. Financial forecasting and risk analysis;
  12. Liaising with managerial staff, colleagues, and clients;
  13. Assist in developing and managing, including the implementation of  financial systems/policies;
  14. Administering payroll;
  15. Regular reporting/advising on income and expenditure;
  16. Compile and sort invoices and checks, including issuing checks for accounts payable.
  17. Record business transactions and key daily worksheets to the general ledger system.
  18. Record charges and refunds.
  19. Input type vouchers, invoices, checks, account statements, reports, and other records, including matching invoices to work orders.
  20. Process bills for payment, including arranging for money to be delivered to the bank.
  21. Debt Collection - Contact individuals with delinquent accounts
  22. Attend & actively participate in regular departmental meetings
  23. Any other duties (within your mandate, capabilities, skills, and qualifications) that may be assigned to you by the MD and/or any other staff placed in authority over you.


Up to CPA Section 2 & beyond,5 years experience (tax essential)   salary negotiable around



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Emploi Recruitment
Emploi Recruitment

Nairobi, Kenya

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