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Latest Job Opening At Rift Valley Institute (rvi). Apply Now!! 1 Position
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Nairobi, Kenya

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Job Description

Head of Learning and Development at Rift Valley Institute (RVI)

The Rift Valley Institute (RVI) is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in Sudan in 2001, currently working in seven countries in Eastern and Central Africa. The aim of the Institute is to advance useful knowledge of the region and its diverse communities, bringing a better understanding of local realities to bear on social and political action. The RVI works with institutions in the region to develop and implement long-term programmes that combine action-oriented research with education and public information.

Job Context and Purpose

For many people and communities across eastern and central Africa, conflict, political violence, climate emergencies, rapid demographic change and social injustice are persistent risks, affecting livelihoods and shaping life chances. These challenges require collective solutions by Africans informed by well-founded, evidence-based research generated in the region. Despite a commitment by African scholars and scholarly institutions to understand and address the challenges, there is a deficit in applied social science research capacity. This perpetuates an imbalance in knowledge production and creates an environment in which externally conceived research dominates, resulting in limited understanding of local realities, local ownership of research processes, outcomes and application. The RVI aims to respond to these challenges by linking scholarly research to real-world impact.

This new two-year project supporting African research capacity and the development of research communities of practice is funded by the Peacebuilding in Africa programme of the Carnegie Corporation of New

York. It has three related components that build on RVI’s experience. It will:

  • support the professional development of early career researchers through bespoke training and mentoring to increase expertise and knowledge production;
  • establish and convene research communities of practice in conflict affected countries in East and Central Africa;
  • make publicly available locally generated knowledge and amplify the voices of African scholars and researchers through research and publications.

The Head of Learning and Development will have overall responsibility for managing the programme and delivering its intended outcomes. Over a period of twenty-four months, with a six months inception phase, the Head of Learning will have:

  • finalised the design and establishment of an innovative research capacity-building programme;
  • overseen the design and delivery of training programmes;
  • supported the establishment of research communities of practice that brings together African and non-African scholars;
  • identified sources of funding for African research scholarships and African authors.

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Emploi Recruitment
Emploi Recruitment

Nairobi, Kenya

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