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Job Description

Vacancy Announcement

The Development Bank of Rwanda is Rwanda’s only National Development Bank mandated to support Rwanda’s development goals. Over the last years, the bank has undergone substantial re-organization aimed at positioning it as an “innovative and sustainable provider of development finance for socio-economic impact”.

To achieve this vision, the bank’s new strategic plan (2018-2024) has outlined 3 key strategic themes.

  • Operational Excellence: Continuous improvement of our credit and risk management system, financial performance and customer services.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Forming strategic partnerships to deliver our mandate is a key component of our core activities.
  • Dynamic Culture: Continuously improving our pool of knowledge to have the most competent and skilled employees.

To help accomplish this ambitious and exciting vision, the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) would like to recruit suitable qualified candidates to fill the following positions:

BRD is committed to respecting gender equality and disability norms. We promote gender responsive practices. Qualified candidates particularly females and persons living with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


1.      Background Information

Job Title:  Manager, Recovery


Current Grade: JG5

Department: Education Portfolio Management

Reports to: Head, Education Portfolio Management

Direct Reports:

a)      Officer, Recovery

Indirect Reports:


2.      Contract Terms – Open-ended

3.      Purpose of the Job

The purpose of the position is to develop a recovery strategy and implementing it on a day to day for ensuring efficient and effective recovery of all loans due and track all loan beneficiaries to have them pay back loaned funds to achieve the objective of self-sustainability of the fund.

4.      Main Responsibilities of the Job

  • Develop a recovery strategy for the education loan portfolio, ensuring the achievement of targets on recovery in the creation of a sustainable fund
  •  Develop annual action plans and activity for the recovery unit, capturing the key performance areas to be delivered against
  •  Develop the policies, procedures, and processes required to effectively and efficiently recover the education loan
  • Establish and maintain the relationships/partnerships required to deliver the recovery strategy
  •  In consultation with the disbursements team, establish a data strategy that will support the recovery process
  •  Provide input into the development of systems employed in the management of the education fund, providing the capability required to undertake effective and efficient recovery of student loans
  •  Implement the Department’s operating policies and procedures in relation to recovery and other applicable activities, delivering compliance in the process
  • Coordinate all core recovery activities delivering timely and quality recovery processes
  • Monitor compliance by employers and loan beneficiaries, ensuring reminders on repayment is undertaken in a timely manner, and to serve penalties on defaulters
  • Develop inspection tools to be used by recovery staff during the inspection exercise
  • Plan and coordinate inspection exercise and train recovery staff on how to conduct inspection of employers/ Loan beneficiaries in line with repayment of study loan.
  •  Review loan clearance letters after due verification for clarification of total loan vis a vis payment made
  • To ensure that claims from loan beneficiaries regarding loan statements, discharge letters and refunds are responded on timely basis
  • Review bills prepared by Recovery Officers for data accuracy and to minimize complaints
  • Follow up on identified defaulters and advise the Department’s Management on possible solutions
  •  Compile and review weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on student loan recovery for monitoring and evaluation purpose
  •  Advise to BRD Management, partnering arrangements with key stakeholders (MIFOTRA, RSSB, NIDA, CRB, RRA, BANKS etc) to facilitate beneficiaries’ identification and locations
  • Monitor proper filing of recovery documents to avoid loss of documents
  •  Oversee data management, delivering clean system data that supports the recovery effort
  • Undertake proactive coaching and development of recovery staff, ensuring the availability of competencies required to deliver the recovery strategy

5.      Performance indicators

  • Availability of an approved recovery strategy, with clear implementation plans
  • Achievement of recovery Annual KPIs
  • Availability of clean student data that supports the recovery process
  • Availability of approved policies, procedures, and processes on recoveries
  •  Full compliance with the guidelines on recoveries, both internal and external
  •  Timely submission of quality recovery reports to all stakeholders, both internal and external
  •  A robust network of partnerships that support the recovery process, feedback from the partnerships on the quality of engagement
  •   Level of automation of the recovery process against target
  •  Achievement of high level of customer satisfaction on service delivery to loan beneficiaries and other stakeholders

6.      Working relationships

  •  BRD staff
  •  Partnerships in the education portfolio management/ Disbursement team
  •  Students
  •  Government institutions (MINEDUC, MINCOFIN, RISA, MIFOTRA, HEC, RRA etc.)
  • HLI’S management
  • External partners and associations (WB, AAHEFA, etc.)
  • Relevant regulators
  •  Banks, BNR, CRB

7.      Professional, academic qualifications and experience

  • Master’s degree in Economics, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance with 5 years of experience at senior positions in the fields of external audit, finance or enforcement of statutory deductions (e.g., taxes, pension and medical contribution)
  •  Bachelor’s degree in accounting, Finance or Economics with 10 years of experience at middle management level of the fields of external audit, finance, or enforcement of statutory deductions (e.g., taxes, pension and medical contribution)
  • Sound knowledge of banking, or funds management are added advantages

8.      Core competencies

  • Knowledge of Education portfolio policies and procedures
  • Knowledge and understanding of recovery and enforcement process and procedures
  • Positive attitude, results oriented with ability to under high pressure to delivery
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills Risk Management, project implementation and appraisal skills
  • Stakeholders’ relationship management
  • Financial management and report writing skills
  • Possessing data manipulation and analytical skills since the job requires to deal with various data with deeper analysis
  •  Good customer service, since the job is primarily a customer-facing role
  •  Ability to work with the team, and adaptable to any working environment
  • Be flexible to carry out any other reasonable task as requested by the management

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