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Job Description

Turkana University College (TUC) was inaugurated on 27th January 2017 as a constituent college of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. This is Kenya’s first Public University to be established in the vast resource – rich area of north western Kenya. The University College is situated in Turkana County, which is the 2nd largest County in Kenya covering 68,680sq km. It is the same size with the Republic of Rwanda. The County borders with South Sudan to the north, Uganda to the west and Ethiopia to the north- west.

Basic Salary:-Ksh.336, 478 – Ksh.547, 106 p.m.

House Allowance: -Ksh. 82, 704 p.m.

Medical Cover & Other Allowances:- As provided by the University College.

Terms of Service:-Five (5) years contract (Renewable once) subject to satisfactory performance


For appointment to this position, a candidate must:

  • be a full Professor and holder of an earned PhD degree from a university recognized in Kenya;
  • have had at least ten (10) years academic and research experience at senior level and demonstrated leadership and management skills in an academic or research institution;
  • have served substantively for eight (8) years with demonstrable results at least as an academic Dean or Director and above in a recognized University;
  • have proven scholarly record demonstrated by continuing research and publications in internationally peer reviewed journals in their areas of specialization, supervision and mentoring of Masters and Doctoral students, and organization of conferences at national, regional and global levels;
  • have excellent understanding of the government financial and fiscal policies, strategic planning and Vision 2030, Human Resource Management and Public Procurement and Asset Disposal processes;
  • have demonstrated experience in networking, consultancy and resource mobilization for research, scholarships and development;
  • have demonstrated record of leadership and implementation of academic, administrative, planning and financial programmes, and development of strategic institutional linkages;
  • have an excellent understanding of current trends in University education and training in Kenya and the factors and conditions shaping development of university education Kenya;
  • be a team player with excellent Organizational, communication and interpersonal skills;
  • be a registered member of professional association/s where applicable, and be of good standing; and
  • be of high ethical standards, integrity and accountability and comply with the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution

Core competences:

The following core competences and skills will be required:

  • excellent organizational, interpersonal and effective communication skills;
  • logical and sound decision-making ability within the context of a dynamic environment;
  • creativity and innovation;
  • visionary and result oriented;
  • firm, fair, accountable and transparent in the conduct of duties;
  • ability to work in a multicultural and multi-ethnic group with sensitivity to and respect for diversity;
  • ability to    initiate implement, monitor and evaluate academic and research programs and policies; and
  • ability to exercise soft power by detecting and dissipating tension, negotiating, mediating and arbitrating conflict


The Principal is the Chief Executive Officer and the academic and administrative head of the University College and he/she will be answerable to the University College Council. Duties and responsibilities as set out in the Universities Act 2012, Turkana University Order and Statutes will include:

  • being the secretary to the University College Council and Chairperson of the College Academic Board and Management Board;
  • providing strategic, innovative and creative direction and leadership to the University College by competitively positioning and representing the University College nationally, regionally and internationally;
  • developing and recommending to Council strategies, business plans, annual budgets and establishing proper monitoring, control systems and procedures;
  • responsible for the implementation of Councils decisions and resolutions;
  • managing, directing, organizing and administering programmes of the University College;
  • coordinating the development and implementation of the academic and administrative policies of the University College in accordance with its master plan and the strategic plan;
  • promoting efficiency and good order of the university including staff and student welfare, conduct and discipline;
  • ensuring enforcement of the University College Statutes and regulations;
  • providing innovative and creative leadership in the areas of academics, finance, planning and development; general administration; research and partnership;
  • facilitating and maintaining cooperation with government institutions, regulatory agencies, and local and international institutions of higher learning and other stakeholders; and
  • any other responsibilities as may be assigned or designated by the Council as provided for in the Universities Act 2012, Turkana University College Order Statute

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Emploi Recruitment
Emploi Recruitment

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