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Customer Service & Call Centre
Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Description

Job Purpose / Summary: Shop CSR is responsible in providing professional and focused customer service both internally and externally.


Reporting to the Shops Team Leader, the shop CSR will be responsible for:


Customer Support:

• Customer visits shop with query/complaint, CSR attends to the customer, should solve the issue within 5 min and log it in the CRM and Wincable

• If issue is solved, the CSR ensures that customer is satisfied and asks customer to give feedback through available mechanisms.

• If issue can’t be resolved at the Retails Shop, it is escalated by the CSR to the Team Leader within 10 min of receipt through call or email

• The CSR gives a customer a response time and promises to get in touch through call.

• The CSR checks in the emails after every 15 min to follow-up on escalated issues.

• If escalated issue has not been attended to in an hour time, the executive contacts the Retails Shop Manager for support or guidance.

• Handle customer payments as per business rules including SOPs.


Promoting Zuku Brand:

• Shop to be branded with the Zuku logo and colours

• Posters in the Centres to be timely and as directed by Zuku marketing department.

• Brochures must be clearly and neatly displayed.

• The shop should be clean and well-arranged at all times.


Service Quality:

• Customer welcomed with a warm smile and assisted within 3 min of entering the Retail Shop.

• A standard greeting i.e. Good morning/afternoon should be used when welcoming customers.

• Get full understanding of customer’s enquiry.

• Customer queries/issues to be recorded in the CRM

• Educate customers on products and self-help solutions, like Zuku ussd*502# and ZukuBot

• Always ensuring customer satisfaction by adequately answering or resolving all queries.

• Dedicated customer follow-up to ensure issue closure and customer is satisfied with the solution

• Sessions with customers should not be interrupted unless unavoidable and with customer concurrence

• Any unresolved customer queries should be escalated immediately and customer updated on progress frequently- via Call using VOIP phones in the office or support email.

• Cashiers/CS to work as one unit, alternating as per schedules.


Floor Management:

• The queues should be well managed to create orderliness and avoid crowding

• Customers should be clearly directed/guided on what to do or where to queue/sit.

• Customers should not be left unattended to in the shop at any time even for a minute..


Stock Management:

• Equipment should be ordered through an internal order prepared by Retail Shop Duty incharge and emailed to Retail Shop Team leader for verification & signature. A reconciliation of the previous stock should be done and sent to the Team leader for onward approvals and processing. Asset Managemen

• Quarter inventory of assets is to be done for all Retail Shops.

• In cases of any missing items, the issue is reported to the Manager in Charge immediately.


Key Roles:

• Using effective communication skills

• Resolving all complaints, concerns and issues in a timely and diplomatic manner

• Conduct activities in a professional manner

• Demonstrating knowledge of Wananchi DTH, Fiber & WBS expectations, e.g. internal standards or service level agreements

• Setting priorities to ensure continual satisfaction

• Delegate appropriate tasks in an effective manner

• Demonstrate knowledge of impact of providing professional service to the public

• Understanding the importance and impact of first visit resolution (FVR) Monitor Performance

• Communicating feedback on a daily level as a positive improvement issue not personal issue

• Providing feedback to immediate manager on individual team members, working with manager on performance improvement of individuals and the team as a whole

• Ensuring complaints/concerns are resolved or escalated in a timely manner

• Using Wananchi tools to manage data and to allow for analysis Oversee operations

• Managing shop volumes, e.g. peak times

• Work with immediate Team Leader is or on team rosters

• Being resourceful in finding information considering industry trends and historical data

• Providing timely notifications to management of negative trends, urgency of issue, or extent of required follow up

• Determining when a problem requires action from higher level of authority

• Participate in regular team meetings


Key Performance Indicators:


Achieve Shops SLA’s

• Resolve up to 95% of customer issues while interacting with them

• Cheque and cash banking reconciliation with adherence to finance requirements. Accuracy in receipting to reduce VOID

• 100% Schedule Adherence

• Score a minimum of 90% on QA score for the Month



• Minimum of bachelor degree or diploma

• 2 years’ experience in a customer service environment and sales. A technical environment is an advantage

• Excellent organization and time management skill

• Strong analytic skills and comfort in PC based reporting systems and processes

• Ability to maintain productivity under pressure and to multitask effectively

• Punctual, regular, and consistent attendance

• Tact, diplomacy and sensitivity

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Emploi Recruitment

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